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We always serve our dishs by safety foods.

A cake wrapped in bamboo leaves.because bamboo leaves is good smell and high sterilizing power.bamboo leaves are picked in Mt.MINEYAMA hyogo pre.

Noodle is home made.because can use lot of eggs and not use preservativbe.

Mrs.YANG from Taiwan.her hand made wrapped cake.

In the beginning of making mango pudding,cutting fresh mango.
Making apple spring roll is began with making custard cream.

?We have the cooperation of cooperative farm now,but we had prised cabbage before.
Especially we're particular aboutrice.Other foods can be made delicious by skill of cooking.but using high quality rice is only way.

we'er offered tasty oranges which areused for party plate from Mr.MITANI(orange farmer in Ako)from 1997 every year.
We always order the herbal soup which mixed for health in TAIWAN TAIPEI.
Herval medicines.

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It takes 10 minutes from Himeji castle by car. it takes 7 minutes from Himeji station. Available pick-up bus to Himeji castle or station or hotel. Require reservation fot party menu before the day. (Please mail to us in English up to 4days before the day If you can't speak Japanese.)

TENJIKU Himeji Imajyuku Himeji Tuchiyama7-8-16 TEL:079-297-2817
TENJIKU Himeji Kamiya Himeji Kamiyacyou2-25-1  
TENJIKU Kakogawa Noguchi Kakogawa Noguchicyou Noguchi71-2 TEL:079-425-3833
TENJIKU Nishi Akashi Akasahi Wasaka3-8-2 TEL:078-929-2522
Kanton Gyozabo Nishikobe Kobe Niahiku Ikawadanicyou Uruwa1156-3 TEL:078-977-0373