Party menu

Available pick-up bus (over 5people)
For 25 people × 3buses , 10people × 1bus
You can choice Free drink \1,375 (including alcohol and juice)
Available Karaoke

Only lunch course for one (\2,178)

\3,465 course for one
※only Kanton Gyozabo

\2,200 course for one

\3,300course for one

\4,400 course for one

\5,500 course for one

Small table course (for order on the day)

225 A. \4,675 course for two

226 B. \5,478 course for three
(recommended for four by +\415)

227 C. \7,480 course for three
(recommended for four by +\902)

228 D. \8,030 course (recommended for four by +\1001)


235  Party Menu of Free food
\2,915 (per one)
(Twelve and under  \1485
Six and under  \715
Three and under  \free)
Limitd to 2 hours

(Bace menu)
(Choice menu)

TENJIKU Himeji Imajyuku Himeji Tuchiyama7-8-16 TEL:079-297-2817
TENJIKU Himeji Kamiya Himeji Kamiyacyou2-25-1  
TENJIKU Kakogawa Noguchi Kakogawa Noguchicyou Noguchi71-2 TEL:079-425-3833
TENJIKU Nishi Akashi Akasahi Wasaka3-8-2 TEL:078-929-2522
Kanton Gyozabo Nishikobe Kobe Niahiku Ikawadanicyou Uruwa1156-3 TEL:078-977-0373